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What is Brexit?

August 9th - Business Forum about BREXIT

Brexit, commonly used abbreviation (from “British Exit”) refers to the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, a political goal pursued by certain political parties, civil groups and individual persons of the United Kingdom, who seek the country to leave the European Union.Withdrawal from the European Union is a right of the Member States under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Already in 1975 a referendum had been held on the country's continued existence in the European Economic Community, which was the forerunner of the European Union, with a favorable outcome to permanence.

In 2016, a new referendum on the British membership of the European Union was held on Thursday June 23rd, 2016, with a favorable outcome to the European Union's exit, with almost 52% of the votes, against a 48% who advocated for the remain.

The result was not uniform throughout the UK; voting in favor of Brexit in England and Wales and voting in favor of the stay in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar among others. In this sense, some analysts point to the possibility of a rupture of the United Kingdom itself.

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