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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organization representing many companies in Dominican Republic, BRITCHAM aims to make a positive contribution to our community. BRITCHAM works to ensure that the business environment remains a place for companies to thrive, and to continue providing employment opportunities for the Dominican Republic’s community.

We predominantly support schemes working with disadvantaged children and young people in Dominican Republic, which align with our members' concerns.

Foundation “Abriendo Caminos”

The Foundation “Abriendo Caminos” is a non-profit organization that works for marginalized children in Villas Agrícola, winner of the prize "Brugal Believes in its People 2010". The British Chamber of Commerce supports this institution every year through the donation of backpacks with school supplies for their students every school year.

Since its incorporation the Foundation “Abriendo Caminos”, under the direction of Elizabeth de Puig and Nelia Barletta, has been offering opportunities to these young people through its educational programs, aiming to integrate them effectively and productively in our society. Today all sectors are advocating an improvement in our educational system, so this wonderful mission in which we are committed, becomes more relevant.

Foundation “Pediátrica por un Mañana”

The Foundation “Pediátrica por un Mañana” is a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to the Department of Perinatology of the hospital “Maternidad Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia” in order that all newborns patients and their mothers receive the best possible medical care during those first moments of their life. This is why the British Chamber of Commerce supports this institution through the donation of milk for the infants.

The Foundation “Pediátrica por un Mañana” acts with the firm conviction that all their actions on behalf of Dominican children will positively impact society by creating community awareness in the area of specialized health, social responsibility and health care excellence in the maternal-infant field.

Foundation “Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil”

The Foundation “Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil” is a non-profit organization from the Dominican Republic, compelled to improve the living conditions of children with cancer with low economic resources. The British Chamber of Commerce supports this institution through the donation of milk for the infants.

Food is an important part of cancer treatment. It is common for these children to arrive with malnutrition to the query. Children may lose their appetite as a result of the disease. The right foods before, during and after treatment can help the patient feel better and keep its strength.


Blue Night for Disability

Blue Night for Disability is a gala event organized on April of every year to raise funds to benefit the training and therapy programs in support of the Foundation “Manuel Alvarez Reyes” (FUNDAMAR) and the Foundation “Nido para Angeles”.  

FUNDAMAR, for the last four years, has decided to direct all its efforts in the training of professionals for the diagnosis and early and correct intervention of children with autism within the different institutions that work in favor of these children and young people, training professionals to educate and serve as support for relatives and specializing psychologists and teachers in the hope that the patients  are able to be happy, functional and independent. 

“Nido para Angeles” aims to improve the quality of life of children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, increasing their capacity for independence, well-being, and autonomy through comprehensive therapies, medicines, technological equipment for rehabilitation, nutritional support, medical evaluations, guidance to their families, in order to guide them on the different ways in which they can use this help for their children and integrate into family and society.

Protective Partners

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  • Progeso
  • ege haina
  • inicia
  • ARS Humano
  • Rizek
  • Pernod Ricard Dominicana
  • Lantica Media
  • Brugal
  • BAT República Dominicana
  • Vínicola del Norte
  • Ros, Seguros & Consultoría
  • Banamiel
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