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About Us

The British Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM) is a nonprofit association, founded on 11th of November 1987. It currently has over 150 members among which are major producers of domestic goods and services, as well as representatives and importers of British products.

The British Chamber is a dynamic force that represents the business interests of its members and related, and its main objective is to promote, facilitate and increase the economical, commercial, industrial, financial, technological, scientific and cultural exchange between the Dominican Republic and United Kingdom.

The Chamber activities are aimed to encourage bilateral commercial trade between both countries, identifying business opportunities, economic sectors to be developed and potential investors for the same.

The members are what matters to the Chamber. BRITCHAM exists to serve and create business value for them. It aims to create an environment of ideas and sharing, where members can learn from each other and from the very best leaders and authorities, inside and outside Dominican Republic.

The Chamber provides venues and activities that bring members together and creates occasions that are enjoyable and fun, as well as useful. And, when its members need it, there is a high level range of information, resources, and contacts at our members' service.


Make the British Chamber of Commerce (BRITCHAM) a leader entity in generation of business opportunities, to facilitate and increase the commercial trade between the Dominican Republic and United Kingdom.


  • To provide services to its members and related, promoting, facilitating and increasing the economical, commercial, industrial, financial, technological, scientific and cultural exchange  between the Dominican Republic and United Kingdom.

  • To promote members' interests with government and business bodies in Dominican Republic    and the United Kingdom.

  • To be a recognized, authoritative voice for international business in Dominican Republic.

  • To create rewarding opportunities for our members to network in business, cultural and  lifestyle contexts.


Pro-Dominican Republic - To be actively pro-Dominican Republic, to promote its position as an international centre and to play a meaningful role as a corporate citizen.

Membership Driven - To be motivated by an active membership, embracing representatives of British, Dominican Republic and international companies, all of which share business interests related to the United Kingdom.

Adding Value - To provide information, training, business services, networking opportunities, preferential purchase schemes, and other services that bring measurable value to our members.

Masters of our Subject - To be an acknowledged authority on British business and related issues in Dominican Republic.

Open and Communicative - To be accessible and communicative, both internally and externally, to have a position of importance to members, and to have readily available, information and stattistics.

Firmly Established - To be a well-supported, financially independent and dynamic organization.


Board of Directors

  • Hon. Chris Campbell

    Hon. Chris Campbell

    Her Majesty’s Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Honorary President

      Past Presidents

        Protective Partners

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        • Progeso
        • ege haina
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        • ARS Humano
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        • CESPM
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        • BAT República Dominicana
        • Vínicola del Norte
        • Ros, Seguros & Consultoría
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